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Micro needling package of 3


SPECIAL offer of 20% off micro needling! A revolutionary anti-aging procedure that produces
micro-channels in the epidermis. This along with stem cells, encourages the skin to act as it did
when it was younger. Buy your package now to use later. 20% DISCOUNT ENDS JANUARY 31.


Rejuvenating Raindrop massage


BALANCE ENERGY…RELEASE TOXINS…RELIEVE Raindrop Technique 20% off in January.


“I just experienced the Raindrop Technique. WOW. The series of essential oils was fragrant, detoxifying and very relaxing. I feel rejuvenated and am standing tall. We measured my height before and after the treatment. I grew an inch!”
– Stacee M.

Who Are We?

In the heart of historic Niwot, Colorado, Nourish & Company is a collaborative studio that features motivating personal trainers and health coaches, rejuvenating spa services, and community-focused classes and activities to support a more balanced and vibrant you.

What Our Clients Say

 “When I signed up to do the Conscious Cleanse with Holly, I was very apprehensive.  I had never done anything like this before – I’ve never even been on a diet!  Holly provided so much support that it ended up being easier than I thought it could ever be!  The daily group texts were encouraging and funny. Nourish is a gem and we are so lucky to have it in Niwot!”

What Our Clients Say

“Thank you so much for inviting me to join you for the cleanse. The facial and massage included in the cleanse program were wonderful. Not only was it nice to be pampered, but Denise and Sarah’s knowledge and understanding of the cleanse meant that they were well equipped to treat during the cleanse. Both were supportive and encouraging. I would (and already have) strongly encourage anyone considering joining the cleanse group to do so. You won’t regret it!”


What Our Clients Say

“Sarah is the best! She takes care to listen and really work the troubled areas, usually my shoulders. She’s also really great about accommodating my busy schedule, and is just an awesome human who puts you in a state of ease before the massage even begins!

Lyndsey B.

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