Keeping it Clean at Nourish and Company!

Washing your face everyday is often underestimated and often a forgotten part of many skin care routines .   But, imagine a day of makeup, perspiration, oil, dead skin cells and external pollutants mixing together on your skin!  Not cleansing your skin daily may result in tired, dull, aging, blackheads and/or acne.

Rhonda Allison’s cleansers are not only effective cleansers but some of them are considered treatments for many skin conditions including aging, acne and hyper pigmentation.

Here is a breakdown to help choose the ideal cleanser for your skin:

First, are the everyday Rhonda Allison cleansers that can be used morning and evening.  The CITRUS GEL CLEANSER AND MILKY CLEANSER are both very gentle and soothing to all skin types.  The milky cleanser has probiotics in its formulation , which are healing and calming for sensitive, rosacea skin.  If you have had a peel with me you would have used one of these post-peel cleansers.

Along with using the 2 all purpose cleansers,  Rhonda Allison also has a collection of specific, and efficacious treatment cleansers.    These cleansers may be too potent for everyday use on most people.  You would use them 1-3 times a week  or as needed:

Skin Brightening Cleansers:  used to help brighten the skin that is affected by hyperpigmentation and brown spots.

Beta Green Tea Cleanser:   this potent salicylic cleanser is wonderful for deep cleansing congested, acneic skin.

Rosemary:  with the active glycolic acid, this cleanser is wonderful for anti-aging.

Pumpkin Cleanser:  the impressive ingredient list on this cleanser includes retinol (VitA) and is my favorite for anti-aging.  It also can help with skin cell turn over for a brightened complexion.

These specialty cleansers work best when applied dry and massage in gently with fingertips for 2-4 min’s.  With some cleansers you may experience a slight tingling as they are activated on the skin.  Rinse them thoroughly and follow up with a toner and/or moisturizer and sunscreen for day.

For more information, please contact Denise at Nourish and Company for a free  15 minute consultation.

Love and care for the Skin you are in!!