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Denise Maierhofer


Denise has dedicated her career to nourishing and enhancing the skin through advanced esthetician techniques and state-of-the-art products for close to 25 years. Helping skin maintain a healthy glow through treatments, products and education, as well as reversing the effects of sun damage are just a few of her many talents.

Denise grew up in New Brunswick, Canada and trained under French esthetic instructors at the renowned L’Institut Jon rayMond. In spas across British Columbia and Boulder, Colorado, she served as an esthetician, manicurist, make-up artist and electrologist. Later she trained as a medical esthetician and laser specialist at Avanti Skin Center of Boulder.

Eventually she put her entrepreneurial talents to the test and opened her own business at Boulder’s Salon Salon, where she practiced her esthetician arts for more than a decade before opening a studio in Erie.

Denise and Holly have been friends for years and are are both excited to support each other’s areas of expertise while under the same roof.

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Skincare consultation/Product purchase and pickup – Free


Custom D-style facial – $95 (75 min)

This is my classic European style facial which includes cleanse, exfoliate, enzyme, steam, blackhead/whitehead extraction, full face, neck, décolleté and shoulder massage, and custom mask. The perfect treatment for whatever skin issues you may be experiencing from dehydration and dryness to hormonal breakouts.

Custom D-style facial with Dermaplane –$125 (75 min)

Custom D-style facial with Microderm –$120 (75 min)

Add Ons: Acids, one layer ($15)

CBD Facial –$145 (90 min)

Ultimate Facial (with/without microderm)– $145 (90 min)

This is the facial of all facials…it has it all! The ultimate facial includes the regulars: cleansing, toning, scrub, stream, extractions and mask but what it includes is game changing! Microderm, dermaplaning and 20% lactic acid are the heavy hitters without any downtime! A relaxing and nourishing massage is the finishing touch that takes it over the top!

Client-on-the-go (with/without microderm)– $60 (45 min)

A deep cleanse or moisturizing facial for the client who is tight on time or wants a lunch hour clean-up.

Teen Clean Facial – $70 (45 min)


Specialty Facials

These corrective facials feature the results-driven ingredients of the Rhonda Allison Cosmeceutical line. Enriched with antioxidants, enzymes, peptides, AHA’s, growth factors and retinols which makes these client favorites.

Minus-10 facial – $125 (75 min)

An Anti-aging facial with enzymes/acids/retinols added in.

Pumpkin (Vit A) apple facial – $85 (60 min) 

Most requested facial! Rejuvenate skin that has been exposed to sun, pollution.

Dermaplaning – $85


Designer Peels

Rhonda Allison Cosmeceutical Peel products are known for their regenerating and rebuilding effects. Peels release the outer most dead skin cells, which encourage new cell turnover and stimulation of collagen and elastin, resulting in softened fine lines and wrinkles, decreased pore size, enhanced product penetration for dryness and oily skin, less hyper pigmentation, better tone and healthier over-all skin. Peels range from progressive to deep.

Melanin lift $155

(includes a post microderm treatment) Lift away superficial brown spots/hyperpigmentation.

DNAge peel$155

(includes a post microderm treatment) Turn back the clock by attacking fine lines, wrinkles, lack of tone and bring back the glow.

Micro Needling

A procedure that uses very fine needles to produce micro-channels in the skin that stimulate it to act as it did when it was younger. By stimulating the keratinocytes, the skin will in turn increase production and awaken collagen, elastin and fibroblasts. State of the art ingredients like hyaluronic acid or stem cells may then be penetrated deeply into these channels providing a revolutionary skin repairing treatment resulting in healthy skin. This treatment is recommended for treatment of premature aging, fine lines & wrinkles, acne scars, sun damage and hyperpigmentation.

All facial, peels, microderm and microneedling are recommended in treatments of 3-5. Package pricing is available and is the most effective way to reach your skin care goals.

Treatment –  $230 

Post procedure microderm included 2 weeks after each treatment


Acne Treatment (FACE REALITY)

Acne Consultation and initial treatment – $125

Acne Treatment for existing clients:

On-site check-in or FaceTime/Skype – $30

A quick 15 min check in to see how skin is progressing and any adjustments that may be needed.

Extended check-in  – $45

Have more questions and need more time? Extended check in gives more time to address any questions you may be having.

Acne Treatment  – $80

Acne treatments provide the support to clearing faster

Express Treatment  – $55

This express facial is designed for the client who does not have a lot of extractions.

Skin Classic

Skin Classic Treatment  – $20 minimum

Skin Classic High Frequency is the affordable non-laser treatment for minor skin imperfections. Great for treating hyperpigmentation, acne, broken

capillaries, milia, sebaceous hyperplasia, keratosis and much more.

Lashes and Brows

Lash and brow tinting is a pain-free treatment for coloring/tinting lashes. A lash tint appointment takes about ½ hour. The tinting should last for 3-4 weeks. Use of makeup removers or swimming may make the tint fade faster. Brow tinting can last up to 2 weeks. Great solution for covering gray hairs on brow.

Lash tint  $30

Brow tint   $20

Lash and brow tint combo  $45

Lash Lift and Curl  $80


Eyebrow wax and shape – 15 min  $18

Chin – 15 min $15

Lip – 15 min $15

Bikini – 15 min$30

Bikini Plus – 15 min $40

1/2 leg (upper or lower) – 30 min $35

Full leg – 30 min  $50

Underarms – 15 min $20

1/2 arms – 15 min $25

Full arms 15 min $45

Back – 30 min  $50

What Denise's Clients Say

“After trying countless treatments to get rid of my acne, I had nearly given up on it, caking my face in makeup everyday. With this experience, I was skeptical when Denise first reached out to me about Face Reality. Was it going to be more products in a long list that didn’t work for me? The answer to that is no. Face Reality changed my reality, and that is thanks to not only the products but also Denise’s hard work. Denise is extremely passionate about what she does and worked so hard to help me be comfortable just being me. She develops a personal relationship with her clients and customizes everything to their individual needs, all because she truly cares. With Denise and Face Reality, I can now be confident with my bare face and not worry about always getting that coat of foundation on.”
Hannah McDonald, Age 19

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